by UnityTX

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I'm fuckin' tired of this
So fuck it, so fuck it

Are you listening?
I'm digging into your thoughts. It's been a long time since you and I have talked.

I've had a hard in this shit, the shit I call life. And I bet you're better off without being in mine.

Do you know how hard it is to try to be a man?
And being lost in a world he doesn't understand?

All these fucking years, feeling like I'm nothing
All I ever wanted, was for you to fucking love me

You should be ashamed of yourself, fuck you and your fucked up mind cause you abandoned me
And you'll never be a man cause we can clearly see; that I'll be better off without
You're fucking worthless to me

Why the fuck did you leave me?
What the fuck did I do to you?
Can you answer this question?
Or will you just let it through your head?

All the fucking years and I've still yet to feel
Like anyone could give a fuck because I constantly deal
With the absence of importance, such a long lasting pain
All because you didn't want to be a father to me
(you piece of shit)

Because of you my whole life has been hell to live
I'm nothing close to a man and I got nothing to give
(not even a man)
I'm just so empty, so bitter and broken

It's not a grudge that I'm holding, it's the hatred that was born within

You gave up before you could even try
Fuck me for believing in you
But I just know; I don't get it, and I never will
Because this will never make
Sense to me

I felt like a sick dog when you put me down
Years later still standing take a look at me now

Take a look at me now
Take a look at me now


released August 19, 2014
Produced by Benn Suede



all rights reserved


UnityTX Dallas, Texas



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